Volunteering opportunities​

Since it began, the work of SeeBeyondBorders has been driven largely by the selfless and skilled work of volunteers. In Ireland we have several wonderful volunteers working with us in financial management and fundraising and they make a tremendous contribution to the organisation.  As the organisation grows, we continue to have opportunities for individuals with specific skills and experience to volunteer their time both in Ireland and in Cambodia or from wherever they are in the world. From time-to-time, we look for skills and experience in disciplines such as IT, marketing, administration, communications, fundraising and events management. In order to ensure that all volunteers receive a full induction into the organisation, we ask all volunteers to commit to working with us for a minimum of 6 months. Flexibility on working hours and days is a given.

Teacher Volunteers

Connect Volunteers

In the Summer of 2023, for the first time since our inception, four Irish primary school teachers travelled to Cambodia in a knowledge and shared learning exchange. The two weeks exchange allows teachers to share their experience, education and knowledge through a dedicated mentoring programme.

It’s the perfect opportunity to combine professional development, travel and volunteering while sharing the uniqueness of each other’s culture.

It allows:

  • Improve educational skill, knowledge, and confidence of SeeBeyondBorders staff, Cambodian teachers, leaders and changemakers through the exchange of experiences, ideas, and possibilities with international experts.
  • Increased understanding about quality development practices, limitations with downstream development and white saviour approaches and the importance of learning service over voluntourism in international participants.
  • The development of an alumnus of international expertise with cultural experience that SeeBeyondBorders can utilise through a community of practise with.

If you are interested in joining our next Connect Programme, please email maeve.corish@seebeyondborders.org

Details of specific volunteering opportunities will be posted on this site, however, we’d be interested in hearing from you at any time. If you are interested in volunteering for us here in Ireland please email us on hr.ireland@seebeyondborders.org.  If however, you are interested in volunteering in Cambodia please send your CV to us at hr.cambodia@seebeyondborders.org. 

Our volunteers play an integral role in the development of the organisation and we are very grateful for their commitment, passion and energy.