Schools and Colleges

Does your school or college want to raise much needed funds for the education of Cambodian children? Here at SeeBeyondBorders Ireland we are delighted to support your fundraising initiative to give Cambodian children access to a quality education and a chance to live up to their potential.

If you wish to fundraise, there are three easy steps:


Get an idea –

Plan how you are going to raise funds and make sure you build in the fun factor! It could be a sponsored personal challenge, a fundraising sale, donating the profits of an event, or requesting donations in lieu of gifts for a personal celebration – birthdays, anniversaries etc.


Get in touch –

Whatever your fundraising idea is, we want to hear about it! Before confirming your plans, please fill out the Proposal to Fundraise form and send it to so we can help you with the rules and regulations that may apply to what you are planning.


Get to it –

Once your plan is approved it’s now time to get out there, put your plan into action and raise funds. Social media platforms are a great, free way of sharing your fundraising progress and spreading awareness. Remember to be interactive with donors; share photos, updates and thank them for their donation. Online fundraising pages are an easy way for family, friends and colleagues to make a donation towards your event or challenge with your fundraising progress tracked on the page.

We appreciate the time and effort put into fundraising. Thank you for recognising the importance of our work and choosing to support us.

 To help you in your fundraising event, we have put together a Fundraising Toolkit which we hope you will find helpful. It will walk you through the process of formulating an idea, developing a plan, and putting the plan into action to help maximise your fundraising potential!