Participant Testimonials

“The programme is truly impressive and beneficial. Children in this generation have the ability to write descriptively and creatively. The teaching method is very effective; which is why we get to see these great achievements.” 

Family Member of a Literacy Project Student

“I’m delighted to have the Educational technology project in our schools. It is extremely useful that teachers can deliver lessons using technology. I am very proud that teachers in Ek Phnom are able to use technology effectively. I find it very beneficial for education in Ek Phnom.”

Yut Samban, DOE Director, Ek Phnom District


“The Educational Changemaker Graduate Programme encouraged and enabled me to think critically to make a positive impact. I have improved many of my skills and changed the way I think which will allow me to seek more opportunities in the future.” 

Dy Lida, Changemaker Cohort 1