Philanthropy and Major Gifts

Whether you’re a trust, foundation or individual, making a significant donation to the SeeBeyondBorders Ireland can help shape a future where Cambodian children can fulfil their potential and go on to create better lives for them, their families and their communities.  Educating the next generation of Cambodian children hungry for knowledge and opportunity, will have a ripple effect on the country as a whole. Your kindness will help empower the adults of tomorrow to create systemic sustainable change where access to a quality education is automatic and not a chance occurrence.

A major donation is a one-off donation or multi-annual funding of more than €5,000. Major donations help us to plan. This means we can approach new schools, build capacity, and provide more children with access to a quality education.  You can also contribute to the programmes we provide. You can choose to make a one-off donation or provide funding over a number of years.

The story of a Cambodian child who became a teacher and now is trying to lead the way in children accessing quality education in Cambodia.

Your generosity helps us:

  • Build capacity in programme delivery in Cambodia
  • Engage with new schools, teachers, children and communities
  • Increase our impact on the number of children able to access a quality education
  • Build on existing partnerships with the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to promote systemic and sustainable change

What you get in return

As a major donor of SeeBeyondBorders Ireland you:

  • Can designate a specific programme/area of work which you wish to support.
  • Receive regular updates on our work and the impact of your support.
  • Attend exclusive events and receptions.
  • Are thanked publically through key communications

If you are interested in becoming a major donor, please contact Maeve Corish on +353-86-3756554 or email