Approach and Values

Through our Cambodian Solidarity Schools Programme, we want to encourage Irish children to ‘see beyond borders’.  We want them to consider themselves to be global citizens and to understand the impact their lives and actions have on the planet and its people. More than anything else we want to help develop critical thinking skills in the students and to encourage them to be agents of change in the world.

In the 2022/2023 school year we are working with six primary schools to pilot this project.  We will evaluate this pilot programme in June 2023 and hope to expand in the years ahead. Our collaboration with PEPY ensures that the Cambodian voice permeates all of our programmes and we are very excited about growing the Cambodian Solidarity Schools network.


  • To promote awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals through a Cambodian lens
  • To encourage the students to be active global citizens working to promote a sustainable world
  • To further develop awareness of Cambodia SeeBeyondBorders and PEPY in Ireland
  • To expand our fundraising base in communities and among educators throughout Ireland