Why We Exist
SeeBeyondBorders Ireland is a newly established development organisation aiming to build an Irish footprint in support of inclusive education for all Cambodian children. We support the work SeeBeyondBorders are doing on the ground in rural Cambodian to provide quality education. We work in partnership with Cambodian educators striving to achieve Development Goal Number 4 - Quality Education for Cambodian children.
The Challenge

Making the case for Cambodian education

Latest News

Message from our Chairperson
“We believe passionately in education to empower people and enact change. As a newly established development organisation we are working hard to raise awareness here in Ireland about the work SeeBeyondBorders is doing on the ground in Cambodia since 2009. Improving learning for Cambodian children is the focus of our work. We work in close collaboration with Cambodian educators who deliver locally led, evidence based programmes that impact significantly on learning outcomes for students. Furthering research to support these programmes is a core objective of our organisation here in Ireland. We also fundraise to support the programmes being delivered in Cambodian schools. If you would like to learn more or support us in any way please contact me - your support is very welcome."

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